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DISPLAY THE AMERICAN FLAG: Imagine driving into Hillsdale on a holiday weekend and seeing American flags lining our streets and billowing in the wind. Would you like to drive into a cemetery that same weekend and see flags ushering you through the drives, paying tribute to the men and women interred there? Can you see them fluttering? Can you hear the flags snapping in the breeze? ... more

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Requests for monetary assistance, outright grants and scholarships shall be considered by the Board of the Kiwanis Club of Hillsdale. Pleas download and submit our Donation Request Form.

What Impact Does Kiwanis Really Have in the World?

Every year, Kiwanis clubs and other organization distribute dictionaries to 3rd graders. Dictionary by the Numbers:

  • 17,635,640 distributed sinc 1995
  • 2,397,306 distributed in 2011
  • 6.968 group and individual donations in 2011